Your thoughts create your reality.

It's time to create the one you want.

Creating our own reality... Isn't that something??


I know without any shadow of a doubt that when you started your business you had the most amazing goals and dreams for yourself.

You probably dreamt of having more time for yourself and your family and friends.

You probably dreamt of traveling more and seeing the exciting places you see on online.

You probably dreamt of financial freedom and creating a legacy and possibly retiring your partner.

You probably dreamt of being location independent or living in your dream home.

And now that you've been in business for a while and you're seeing what it takes, you're probably beginning to wonder if all those gorgeous goals and dreams of yours were perhaps a bit too dreamy...

Ugh... the doubt.

And it's so frustrating, right?

You're doing all the things. You're tapping and meditating and yoga'ing and journalling and investing in coaches and participating in masterminds. 

You're doing all the things.

Yet... that reality that you dreamt of isn't what you're living right now.

There has to be more, doesn't there? What about all your dreams and goals. Isn't there a way - or at least a better and easier way - to reach them?

Can we really create our own reality?


Can we really have everything we've ever dreamt of and more?


Yes! Yes you can.


Thoughts   forThought

Going beyond mindset

Your daily dose of ideas, insights, and thoughts to help you

have more alignment, purpose, connection, and freedom in your life.


I'm Michelle

I'm a thought coach and mentor for free-spirited entrepreneurs like you who want a more aligned and purposeful life and business without having to fit into a box, colour in the lines, or subscribe to the hustle-mentality.

You had a dream when you started your business of a life filled with ease, freedom, and abundance. Yet, when you look at where you are now, you see that you're not quite there and the thought of never realising your potential or your purpose is heartbreaking for you.

So in our work together we make sure that you're deeply connected to who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to live and run your business so that your dream of ease and abundance, freedom and adventure, becomes your reality. 

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