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It is so bloomin' fantastic to meet you!

You know those times in your life when you've been completely rocked to your core and you're thrown off balance?  When something happens to make you question everything you thought you knew? You feel a bit knocked about for a while not sure which step to take next?


But then when you do get back up and dust yourself off you realise that you're on an entirely new path? Uncharted territory.

And you feel scared yet a bit exhilarated, too. It feels daunting yet somehow like it's the exact place you're meant to be and you wonder how you never saw it before?

And now suddenly the world seems like a much larger place?

It's happened a few times in my life, yet the most powerful time happened just recently. And when I got back up and dusted myself off, what was in front of me was where you find me now.

I'll share the story with you now so we can get to know each other.



I never would have thought that sitting down to write my About copy was going to change the path of my life.



I consider myself a fairly good writer. In my former career as the owner of my marketing agency I wrote countless About pages so this wasn't anything new or daunting for me.


Yet, no matter how times I sat to write my About copy - and that number is far too many to mention out loud - it never ever felt right. 

I would love it for a day or two but then one day I would pop back over to my website and I loathed it.

Then one day some time ago I was on a call with my mindset coach. I was going on and on -  as I do -  and she asked me the [dreaded] question, "Who are you?"


Who was I when I wasn't being Michelle the single mum, Michelle the business owner, Michelle the one that takes care of everything, the Michelle that has the world on her shoulders. As I sat there ready to answer with all the confidence that I could muster, I realised that I didn't have a clue.


I was utterly silent. I couldn't come up with a single thing that felt true.

Then the tears came. 

And they didn't stop for a while. <sigh... my poor coach>

Why was "Who are you?," such a hard and emotional question for me?

The answer came 90-minutes, one tapping script, and an energy healing later. 

The simple answer was because I didn't actually have a clue. 

And that realisation changed everything!

To be so gutted to my core was a big pill to swallow. 

I'm 41 years old now. I've been a single mum for the past 19 years. I've owned my own businesses for the past 12 years. I've homeschooled all my boys (there are three of them) for over a decade, and we've travelled the world together. 

How in the world could I possibly not know myself after having done and lived all of that?

Answering that question took me on a path of deep self-discovery. 

As an entrepreneur we already have to come against so many layers of inner beliefs, blocks, doubts, and fears - as you well know - but tackling this one took more than the traditional mindset and personal development practices that we all do. 

This one needed something deeper.

It needed more from me than I could have ever expected yet in that more'ness I transformed. 

I thought I knew myself but who I knew and thought I was, wasn't really me - as it turned out.

I was being all the things that was expected of me and in that process I was never myself. Can you relate?

And that is why I couldn't write my About page. I was never the same person each time I sat down to write it. I was being this Michelle or that Michelle, but never the true Michelle.

Something as seemingly simple as writing a few paragraphs about myself led me on the path to find thought work - and it is here that I have found my true self and how best to help you. 

So that's how you find me here today.


But, now is probably a good time for me to explain a bit about where 'here' is exactly.

As you can see, I finally wrote my About page. And while that is a feat in and of itself, it isn't the BIG picture of where I am and what thought work helped me to achieve.

A bit more background first.

I am trained and experienced in coaching in high performance habits, action taking strategies, creating work/life balance, and holistic life coaching for entrepreneurs.

My coaching practice was a beautiful blend of all of those areas and I've loved it.

I am also, by definition, a recovering over-thinker. I used to worry about things like it was my favourite past time. I used to always be in my head, thinking this, thinking that, forecasting the future, pondering about the past, wondering about this/that, having ongoing conversations,

or - at times - internal battles with my mind.

It was constant. And overwhelming. And just too much all the time.


It made everything so much more difficult and so many things felt forced. And because of that I felt like I needed to hustle and push and take advice from every expert out there and download every freebie and attend every webinar and join all the courses. Eck...

But now... things are quiet up there most of the time.


I see the world differently. I experience things differently.


Everything is so much more in flow and I'm in alignment in my life and business and things are pretty great most of the time.


When I do slip into old habits, I notice them, and course-correct. I feel fulfilled and have purpose. Everything that was amazing before is so much more amazing and everything that was a struggle before isn't so much anymore. And all those dreams I had when I started my business, they're so clear now and feel that much closer to being a reality.

Pretty great, huh?

And that is the beauty of thought work.


At it's core it's really about having a better relationship with your mind and then by extension, the world around you. And that is why it is transformative in ways that mindset never can be.


I like to describe the work that I do as the place where thought work, mindset work, psychology, and neuroscience hang out. 

I refer to myself as a thought coach because I help you have a better relationship with your mind. And by doing so, you really can have all the things you've ever dreamt.

Here's how...

The most mind-blowingly fantastic thing that I've learned in my journey is that all dreams begin with a thought. Once we think that thought, the dream is that much closer to becoming our reality. We've created something that wasn't there before and once it's created all we have to do it get out of the way. 

Ack! Doesn't that make you all tingly inside?


...if our thoughts create our reality, and

...our dreams become a reality through our thinking, and

...our thoughts create our feelings and

...our emotions drive our actions that give us our results, then

...just imagine what we can do with our minds!

That is what is possible with thought work. 

I've explained all about thought work here, if you want to dig in a bit more into that. 

And if you think we're a good fit to work together and my story helped you to know me - and perhaps yourself - a bit better and you're ready to really dig in and go beyond mindset to go deeper and see more transformative results and finally live the dream, then have a look at the ways we can work together.

Ways we can work together

As a Group

Just Me + You

As always, if there is anything on your mind about my programmes, me, or how we can work together, please feel free to reach out to me at any time here or by emailing me at michelle@themichelleireland.com or via Voxer.

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