Fall Essentials

Feel aligned, purposeful, and connected to your soul & vision each and every day

grace + harmony + flow


Finally have the clarity and connection you've been searching for

You lead with your heart and soul and you know down into your core that you're meant to create positive change in this world.

But sometimes that big vision and mission can get lost in the day-to-day.

It's easy to lose that connection to your soul and feel directionless when you're busy going about your days week after week. 

Eventually you notice subtle changes.

You're unclear on what steps to take next. 

You're unsure how best to show up in your purpose. 

You're wondering where your sense of fulfillment went. 

You're feeling unfocused and more easily distracted.

Then the overwhelm begins to creep in, you're spending more time working than you'd like, you get pulled in a bunch of different directions, you start to get bogged down by all the things, and you're becoming inconsistent with your work and habits.

Perhaps worst of all, you can start to question ALL OF IT.

You know this isn't the way forward

It's time to reconnect and stay connected

each and every day


grace + harmony + flow

master bundle

A collection of resources designed specifically for the soul-inspired entrepreneur to deeply and consistently connect with their soul purpose, be aligned in their mission and purpose, and feel fulfillment in their days so that they can do the meaningful work that they know they're meant to be doing - without losing focus, getting overwhelmed by it all, or falling out of flow.

Feel the fulfillment of purpose, each day

  • Flow Performance Starter Pack

  • 30-Day All-In Flash Focus Commitment

  • Clarity of Vision - Journal Pages

  • Connecting to Why - Journal Pages

  • 3 Steps to Harmony & Alignment

  • Prioritise Magazine

  • The Ultimate Quarter 4 Alignment & Flow Checklist

    All for just £99!






Master Bundle

grace + harmony + flow

each and every day with this master bundle.

Check out everything that is included.

Connecting to Why

Why do you do what you do? What gets you up in the morning? What keeps you going when you're less than motivated? Who is this all for?

Find out with these journal pages.

Flow Performance Starter Pack

Consistency, connection, and clarity is woven throughout this starter pack. Learn a new way of going about your days with more intention so you're showing up the way you want to show up each and every day. 

Prioritise Magazine

Mastering the art of prioritising is a skill that keeps on giving. 

The Prioritise Magazine lays out various methods and steps that you can take to trim your list, focus on what's important, and stay working toward your goals.

30-Day All-In Commitment

Choose a goal (or 2) and commit to going all-in/full focus on it for a full 30 days. Everything you need to stay accountable, motivated, connected, and focused.

3 Steps to Harmony & Alignment

Harmony is the new balance. Balance was never the goal; it was harmony. And with this simple 3-step roadmap you'll be on your way to harmony and alignment in no time.

Clarity of Vision

It all starts with intimately knowing your vision. You have to know how it looks and feels, and to do that, you need to spend time getting crystal clear.

These journal pages will do just that.

Ultimate Q4 Checklist

'Tis the season... to stress, get overwhelmed, or completely hide away until the new year.

This checklist will help you enjoy all the beauty of the season, and have plenty of time for all the bits that are important to you.

Feel aligned, purposeful, and connected to your soul & vision each and every day

Gift yourself the bundle that brings you soul alignment and connection & consistency in purpose - every single day

As always, any anything, I'm here for you.

Message me on Voxer, contact me here , or send me a quick email at michelle@themichelleireland.com and let me know what's on your mind. 

Lots of love... xx

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