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A monthly Co-Working Membership

Get motivated. Be accountable. Meet new people.

You're free-spirited and ambitious and like to follow your flow and see where it takes you. 

But sometimes that means that time can get away from you and you can get caught-up working on things that aren't really even on your radar. 

So while working from a state of flow can be amazing in many regards, it can also take you away from your immediate goals.

With dedicated time set-aside each week to get grounded and settle into work, you can be sure that you're not losing your way during the week. 

Join the membership

Join us every Wednesday and connect with a great group of like-minded and like-focused entrepreneurs to get in flow and get things done.

Get all the co-working sessions + a monthly 1:1 coaching session

So settle in each week and get grounded.

  •  Finally tackle those bigger projects that require deep and focused thinking time

  •  Nail your goals each month and do it in style

  •  Power through any resistance and get your amazing ideas out into the world

  •  Create great new business contacts and expand your network so you don't feel so isolated

  • Stay on task and not get lost down a rabbit hole or lose sight of your goals  

Get more done in one session than you do all week

How it works...

Sessions are every Wednesday from 10:00-12:15

Calls begin every week at 10:00a EST/3:00p UK/4:00p Europe 

(GMT-5) What time is that for you? Check here.

We'll spend the first few minutes chatting about how the week has been going so far, anything were struggling with, and what we're going to work on during the co-working.


Then we'll dive right in. 

Co-working is done it two bursts, each 50-minutes long with a break in between to stretch, hydrate, check-in, and get re-energised to go again. 

We close the sessions by seeing how we did, setting a plan for the rest of the week, and chatting/networking if you have the time.


Join the membership

Weekly co-working sessions

Or... become a VIP

Weekly co-working sessions + a monthly 1:1 coaching session

Some ideas for our time together each week...

Co-working sessions don't always have to be for working. You can use the time for whatever you want. 


Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

 Anything you've been putting off for ages

Something that you signed-up for/enrolled in but aren't making a priority

A new idea that needs your uninterrupted time and attention

Daydreaming or working through something new and exciting

Journalling or any self-care

A specific business or personal task that you want to assign to this time

Anything that you feel needs a boost of energy for you to get through

Starting a new project

Planning and/or mapping out benchmarks for a goal


No more struggling to stay accountable

Here's what they have to say about it...

Joanne Raia
Lucie Ward
Ntathu Allen
Sally Wadhwa
Amandine Ayala
kay Davidson

Join the membership

Weekly co-working sessions

Or... become a VIP

Weekly co-working sessions + a monthly 1:1 coaching session

If you'd rather try out a session before you join the membership, you can book a single session using the scheduler below. 

Single sessions are $10/session.

Hiya! I'm Michelle.


I'm a thought coach and mentor for free-spirited entrepreneurs like you who want a more aligned and purposeful life and business without having to fit into a box, colour in the lines, or subscribe to the hustle-mentality.

You had a dream when you started your business of a life filled with ease, freedom, and abundance. Yet, when you look at where you are now, you see that you're not quite there and the thought of never realising your potential or your purpose is heartbreaking for you. 

So in our work together we make sure that you're deeply connected to who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to live and run your business so that your dream of ease and abundance, freedom and adventure, becomes your reality. 

Your Questions Answered

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Sure thing, although I don't think you'll want to if you're taking advantage of the weekly sessions 

There is just something about joining in with a high energy group of people and setting a timer and diving into work that makes you so very productive.

But if you find it isn't for you, then you can cancel, however there are no refunds for partial-months.

How many co-working sessions do I get with the membership?

Co-working sessions are every Wednesday, so one every week and at least four sessions per month.

Each session includes two co-working blocks of 50-minutes each. 

Plus we have time at the start and the end to network and connect.

Why is there a fee for the co-working sessions when so my people offer them for free?

We're invested in what we invest in. By joining a co-working membership you're taking yourself and your business seriously. 

You want to get grounded in your work each week and as a means of accountability, you have the membership to help you stay on track.

I've never done virtual co-working, what is it like?

We meet each week via Zoom. The link will be sent to you in your membership confirmation and in your weekly reminder emails.


I'll have my video and mic on when we begin and when we meet back up in in the middle, but it will be off during the work sessions. You can have your video and mic on or off as you feel comfortable.

Aside from the weekly co-working sessions, do I get anything else as part of the membership?

For now the membership is focused on the co-working sessions. The membership may evolve over time, but for now it is the weekly co-working sessions, plus the time to connect and network on each call.

If you're looking for more, become a VIP!

Get all the co-working sessions + monthly 1:1 coaching calls with me for $99/month.

Other ways we can work together

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