Weekly Virtual

Co-Working Sessions

You're in!

Six co-working sessions are all yours. 

You have 8 weeks to use your 6 sessions. 

Next, check your inbox within the next few days to receive your unique coupon code. Then, pop over to the booking calendar here and register for the sessions that you'd like to attend. 


Pssst... no need to book all of them at once; Just book the ones you know you want and then come back when you're ready to book the other ones. All 6 sessions must be used within 8 weeks. 


Sessions are every Monday & Wednesday from 9:00-10:30

Calls begin at 9:00a EST/2:00p UK/3:00p Europe 

(GMT-5) What time is that for you? Check here.

We'll spend the first 15-20 minutes checking in with our goals, asking questions, introducing ourselves, getting advice or coaching. 

After that, we'll set the timer for 50 minutes and...

Ready. Set. Go.

When the timer is done, we'll join back up, check our progress, go through any blocks/barriers that came up, get accountability, and network with others. 

Hiya! I'm Michelle.


I'm a thought coach and mentor for entrepreneurs who want to approach life and business in a way that feels more aligned and purposeful and brings them the ease, freedom, and success they dreamed of when they started their business. 


My clients often feel a bit frustrated that they aren't where they want to be in life yet don't want to subscribe to the hustle-mentality in order to get there. They know they're capable of so much more and the thought of never realising their potential is like a punch to the stomach.


In our work together we explore new ways of thinking that are 100% right for them and makes reaching their goals and dreams feel easier and more fulfilling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it only 50-minutes of action-taking time? Why not an hour?

Studies have shown that our focus drops exponentially after 52 minutes. 

So, to get the most bang for our time, the action-taking portion of our calls is going to be 50 minutes. 

With the timer set for 50 minutes, we'll be able to go full focus for the entire time giving us the best opportunity to getting the thing done. 

Why are the calls 90-minutes but we're only taking action for 50-minutes?

We have the additional 40 minutes on the calls so there is plenty of time for everyone to get what they came for, as it were. 

Coaching and mentoring are offered before and after the action-taking time and then we have time for networking, getting accountability, and tracking our own progress.

Why is there a fee for the sessions?

Two main reasons:

 - This isn't just co-working. These sessions are coaching, co-working, accountability, and networking all in one. 

 - We're invested in what we invest in. The calls are for business owners who are serious about taking action and being accountable. By investing in the sessions you're showing that you're in the right place and making the sessions a priority.

Is there a discount for booking multiple sessions?

Discount, no, not in the traditional sense.


However, every 4th session booked is free, so essentially you get 4 sessions for the price of 3. Nice, right?

You can also buy in a bundle, 6 sessions for $50. 

Plus, every time you refer a friend/biz buddy, you receive a free session. 

Can I get a refund if I can't attend or stay for the whole call?

No refunds are given for any reason. 

If you cannot make a session, you can apply your booking fee for a future session or gift it to someone else. 

The calls are weekly, so ensure you have space in your diary before booking.

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