4 Weeks to Finished

You know that thing that you keep putting off??

The one that you've tried to do on your own but can't quite find your way to starting, working through, or finishing...

The thing you want to do, but just can't...

That thing that you KNOW will make all the difference in your life and business but avoiding going all in with...

THAT'S the thing that we work on together, side-by-side for 4 weeks so that you're finally getting it done and implemented - once and for all. 

Wouldn't that be brilliant!

Say goodbye to 'someday' and make it today!

I know the feeling well. 

You're so bloody excited about doing something.


 you get started, work on it for a bit, and then...

... something gets in the way and stops you in your tracks. 

There's a bump in the road. A frustration. Something isn't working out.


It isn't coming together like you'd hoped. It doesn't feel good anymore.

So, now you're starting to doubt yourself. 

Maybe I'll just forget about this for now and go back to what I was doing...

Maybe I'm rubbish at this...

Maybe this isn't the thing that I should be working on...

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all...

Maybe what I need is another course...

Maybe I should work on this entirely other thing instead...

Maybe I should do what they're doing, it's working for them...

Maybe I'm rubbish at everything and I should just give up...

The dreaded downward spiral of doubt and negative self-talk that we put ourselves into when something comes up and stops our perfectly crafted plan and ruins our wonderful new idea and project. 

Yet, what if we kept at it and actually worked through the things that were coming up. We'd not only get the thing done, we'd get it done with style and without all the stress and frustration and doubt.


We'd feel accomplished and proud and so freaking happy and relieved that we finally did it. 

We finally got the hell out of our own way, worked through the blocks and barriers, and now have this beautiful, lovely completed project that is already reaping rewards for us. 

And the best part is

Once you work through all the junk that gets in your way, you're sooooo much better equipped to work through it again. Rinse and repeat. Over and over again until it's habit to work through it all and continue to take action. 

You'll know your patterns. Your triggers. Your responses. Your comfort zone.

You'll know what the signs are that you're starting to waver. You'll know what you need to do to snap out of it. You'll be able to see the whole thing happening from a distance and not get so caught up in a spiral that you lose all momentum.

And knowing those things means that you'll be able to spot them in future and work through or around them. 

But, you have to put in the work at least one time to figure all that out. 

And what better way to do that than with me by your side, every single day, helping you stay motivated, focused, and productive, plus work through all the mindset gremlins that will surely give you a struggle. 

But, there is a caveat.


You have to put in the work at least one time to figure all that out. 

And what better way to do that than with me by your side, every single day, helping you stay motivated, focused, and productive, plus work through all the mindset gremlins that will surely give you a struggle.

Hiya! I'm Michelle.


I'm a thought coach and mentor for free-spirited entrepreneurs like you who want a more aligned and purposeful life and business without having to fit into a box, colour in the lines, or subscribe to the hustle-mentality.

You had a dream when you started your business of a life filled with ease, freedom, and abundance. Yet, when you look at where you are now, you see that you're not quite there and the thought of never realising your potential or your purpose is heartbreaking. 


In our work together we explore new ways of thinking that are 100% right for you and makes reaching your goals and dreams feel easier and more fulfilling. 

And that makes everything so much more possible. 

Here's what we'll do together:

We'll spend 4 weeks together making sure that you're doing what you set out to do and getting your project implemented. 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Clarity: Getting super clear on what you're going to be working on, why you want to work on it, and what all of that actually looks like. We'll also look at what's been stopping you in the past and put a plan in place to prepare and overcome them when they pop up again. 

Routines & Habits:  You can't get anywhere without solid habits and routines in place to support your mission and progress. So, we'll make sure that what you're doing each day is helping you reach your goals. 


Mindset: By now you've probably had some mindset monkeys popping up. This week we'll take a hard look at this and get to the bottom of it all so you cna push through and get to the finish line. 


Finishing Strong: Checking through all the remaining milestones and tasks, assessing what's going well and what isn't. Make any adjustments necessary. Tackle any demons. Everything you need to be confident that you're on track and going to finish strong. 

And here's how we'll do it

Weekly 1:1 coaching & mentoring calls

Daily 1:1 weekday Voxer support

Weekly virtual co-working sessions

Support  +  accountability  +  focused action 

I'll be by your side the entire time. 

But, wait, there's more... :)

To make sure that you're fully supported even after our 4 weeks together - you know so you can avoid that post-coaching programme dip, you'll also receive: 

Bonus # 1

One month of weekly co-working sessions

Bonus # 2

Two SOS calls to be used anytime during the following three months

So, no worries about going at it alone even after we finish our 4 weeks. I'll still be there for you. 

This 4-week 1:1 programme is for you if:

You're ready to take action now and implement your project, 

You're committed to showing up and doing the work - for yourself and with me, 

You're willing to dig in to find out the root of what has been keeping you stuck and stopping you all this time,

You're an optimistic, ambitious, determined entrepreneur that is prepared to go all-in.

Joanne DiGiovanni Raia

If you're ready to get started, and I really hope you are, use the calendar below to book your first session. If you have questions, please reach out to me. I'm happy to hop on a call, chat via Voxer, messenger, the socials, or email. Whichever is easier and comfortable for you. 


Your Questions Answered

When does the programme begin? Anytime you're ready. Since this is a 1:1 programme, there are no set beginning dates. You can begin your 4 weeks with me as soon as you're ready. Just sign-up for your first session using the scheduler above and we'll get started. 

Is this only a 1:1 programme? Mostly, yes. All the coaching and mentoring calls and Voxer support will be just the two of us so you get personalised time, mentoring, and support from me. The co-working is done in a small group environment via Zoom each week. It isn't a set group, so the number of participants will change each week.


Are the co-working sessions required? No, but they are a major contributing factor in reaching your goals. Having dedicated time set aside each week to work in a small group environment to get additional support and accountability will make all the difference. Plus, they're fun, so I highly recommend you attend as often as possible.

How long are our weekly coaching calls? They are one hour per week. 

How often can I contact you via Voxer during the week? I'll be available to respond 10-4 Monday through Friday. You can contact me once per day, so if you have a lot going on, batch your message together. 

Are there refunds? No refunds are offered. I will show-up for the duration of our time together and expect that you'll do the same. If you are unsure about anything before you begin, please feel free to contact me. 

Are my results guaranteed? No. Your results are the culmination of your continued work toward your goal. As your coach, I will be with you supporting you and mentoring you, however, your results are your own. If you put in the work and if you keep up with the milestones and mindset, then you should be able to reach your goal. If you have any questions or concerns on this, then please reach out to me in advance. 

If there is anything I didn't answer, please contact me. 

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