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Inspirational, Motivational, & Practical Projects for the soul-Inspired Entrepreneur

Weekend Projects

Have a deeper connection with your soul

 Feel more fulfilled and purposeful in your life

Create a legacy of impact

one weekend at a time.

Spend time each weekend building a deeper connection with your soul, embodying your big vision and mission, and working toward creating the change you want in the world.

Short on time but big on impact

 Each project takes 15-minutes to one hour.

Gift yourself time each weekend.

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Everything you need for each project in every email.

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Get a new project each week

  • Make a Dream Jar

  • Send a handwritten note to someone special

  • Ask someone you admire for a book recommendation

  • Create an Achievement Board

  • Choose and plan out a 30-day all-in goal

  • Listen to a new podcast

  • Find a new recipe and make it on the weekend

  • Take a walk in a new location

Gift yourself & your soul time each weekend

Deeper connection.  More fulfillment.  A legacy of impact.
One weekend at a time

Delivered, with love, for free to your inbox each Friday


As always, any anything, I'm here for you.

Message me on Voxer, contact me here , or send me a quick email at and let me know what's on your mind. 

Lots of love... xx

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