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Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

Hiya, my lovely. I hope you'll pardon a bit of sappiness from me today. I'm sat here in my office. I'm in my most comfortable clothes with my hair looking like Cindy Lou Who. It's snowing a bit outside. I've got a candle lit with my favourite scent. Christmas music is softly playing in the background. I'm looking out over the trees directly in front of my office windows. I've got a cuppa of creamed Earl Grey steaming next to me. My older boys are off at work and little one is still snuggled in bed. It's nice and warm in the house whilst winter is putting on a show outdoors. And, it's quiet. Amazingly quiet. Heartwarmingly quiet.

I've been sat here at my desk for quite a bit. I wrote an entire other article for you but I'll post that another day in lieu of connecting with you more personally from where I'm at today.

Perhaps it's the time of year. Perhaps it's the comfy clothes, the Christmas music, the snow. Perhaps it's that little one and I have been watching Once Upon a Time recently. Perhaps it's the end of a decade. Perhaps it's a combination of all of it. Whatever the reason, I've been spending a lot of mental time thinking on making dreams come true.

As cliché as I know (trust me, I know) it sounds, it really and truly is why I do every single thing that I do. In my opinion, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not simply survived and endured and not something used as means to build success. It's meant to be an adventure and that means making your dreams and goals a reality as often as possible and with as much deliberate focus and attention you can.

At a time like, this as we end another decade it is easier to recall where we were 10 years ago. And at the end of any year, we can more easily reflect on the past year. It's the milestone dates that give us a starting and end point to reflect and compare.

This reflection has been on my mind quite a bit. I turned 40 this year and that means at the beginning of this decade I had just turned 30. That makes the milestone years even easier to picture. I know exactly what I was thinking. Where I was in the world. What my plans were. What I was struggling with. What my great desires were. I know all of it and I can see all the broad strokes of the subsequent years that have led me to where I am in this exact [quiet] moment.

This then led me to looking at how life has changed, including my business. A decade ago I was building my first business - my marketing agency. It was the business that was the natural progression from my corporate career in marketing. It was my first dip into entrepreneurship - and clearly it stuck. ;)

Now, though, my business isn't anything like that first business. And oh how I love the hindsight looking back at all those years building and growing that business from the perspective I have now. My business then was just that: my business. I had my life and then I had my business. Two separate entities. There was always the conflict between the two and always the pulling from one for the other. I can see that now, but I surely didn't see it then. That business was a way to support myself and the boys. It was a means to an end that allowed us to be completely nomadic and travel for years. It was what I did. It was not who I was.

All of that has changed. My business isn't just a business. It is who I am and by being that person I have a way to support myself and my boys. It is as much a part of my life as any other part. There isn't a distinction. There isn't the constant push and pull. There isn't the conflict. Sure, like you, I've got the days/weeks that don't feel so great and it's a struggle to do the work, but overall this business is a dream come true for me.

Which leads me back to the subject of dreams - specifically making them come true and how we go about that.

How do you make dreams come true? Really. How?

I bet if you were to think on that a moment you would be a bit stumped. I was. Goals, sure, I know how to meet those. I know to put one step before the other and hopefully all those well-coordinated steps will lead to the goal.

But what about dreams...? Do I need to hunt down a fairy godmother of my very own? I'm certainly no Cinderella or any other kind of fairy tale princess, so how does one go about making dreams come true?

It's simple, really.

Become your own fairy godmother!

Forget relying on someone else to whisk into your life wielding her magic wand.

I say we get our own damn wands and flick and swish them around all the time.

Brilliant, no?

So how do we go about that? I'm sure we can agree that we want more than the dream lasting only until midnight.

So how do we make our own dreams come true and how do we make them last longer than the last stroke of 12?

Well that is where a few things come into play...

  1. First, we need to know what the dream is. To do that, we need to give ourselves the space and time to think on it. Dedicated time where we can go deep into our greatest dreams and desires. Don't worry about the HOW here, allow yourself to go all in on dreaming. (For more on this, pop over here.)

  2. We then need to decide who we need to be to be the person that achieves that dream. Who is the person that gets to make that dream a reality. Who is she? What does she do? How does she act? What does she think? (For more on that, pop over here and here.)

  3. Once you've got her detailed, then you have to put a plan in place to embody her. You have to decide every single day how you can be more like her. How does she start her day? How does she go about her day? How does she end each day? Where is her focus each day? How does she know she's on track? (For help with that ongoing process, pop over here.)

  4. The final step and this is where the [imaginary] magic wand comes in really handy. We've got to check in with ourselves every day and take the consistent and intentional actions that move us on the path to living the dream. No time for faffing about. We've set the plan. We've got the intention. We know what the dream is. Now we just need to do the things that are going to get us there.

  • The magic wand is really important here as this is when the dream can begin to fade because it needs constant watering. Every day you'll need to flick and swish your magic wand about you. Morning meditation or journalling - do the proper top to bottom Cinderella magic so you're set-up for the day. Then throughout the day, do the Hermione bits as needed. At the end of the day, do the full fairy godmother once over so you can settle in the for the evening. (For help on this bit, pop on over here.)

So, what do you think? Think you've got it in you to be your own fairy godmother? Are you ready to control over whether or not your dreams come to life?

I know you do!

Let's all commit to being our own fairy godmothers this coming year and doing all the things that requires. If you do, you'll be so amazed with how powerful you truly are and just how much you can accomplish and achieve. Are you in? Let me know...

With grace, grit, and gumption.


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