• Michelle Ireland

Being okay with it, and being okay without it

One of the most liberating things that I've taken away from my learnings this year is that we are - in this exact moment - everything we could ever want to be.

In this moment, each of us has innate wisdom, well-being, creativity, is full of love, and resilience.

And I know... it does sound like a bit of fluff and something that can be questioned and talked around forever.

But think about it.

We came into the world with all of that. And when we remove everything that we're thinking and feeling right now about ourselves, others, and the world at-large, we are still wise, well, loved, creative, and resilient.

And knowing that has made such a massive difference in my life.

- If my launch doesn't go as I'd hoped, that's okay because I'm still okay.

- If my post didn't get the response I was hoping it would, that's okay because I'm still okay.

- If that person didn't treat me like I was hoping or respond in a way that I was expecting, that's okay because I'm still okay.

- If a person said something hurtful, that's okay because I'm still okay.

The world before each of those things is exactly the same as it is after. All that has changed is my thinking.

But that is okay because I'm still okay.

I am still wise, well, creative, full of love, and resilient.

And that is all that I could ever need.

So if things go my way, great, that is excellent. If not, bummer, that's too bad.

But at the end of it all, I'm still okay.

And knowing that means that I can go all-in with things more often than before. I can look at things from a more confident perspective and approach things with a sure footing. I can try new things and not worry so much about the outcome. I can connect more deeply because I'm okay with who and where I am.

Isn't that something??

Would you love some of this in your life?

Let me know in the comments.

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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