• Michelle Ireland

Dream first - Figure out the how later

Dream first, then figure out the how.

The ‘why’ region of our brain and the ‘how’ region of our brain are two different areas.

And because our brain loves all things efficiency, it does its best work when it can focus on activating one part of the brain at a time.

So, when you’re dreaming, allow yourself to go all in and enjoy your dreams.

Then when you’re putting plans and goals in place to make your dream come to life, go all in on that.

Not only is this good business for your brain, it’s good business for you.

When you allow your mind to work on something with intense focus, you’re so much more in flow.

And that means more productive, more fulfilled, and more available time to enjoy your dream.

Have you ever noticed this for yourself?

When you're dreaming and you begin to wander into thinking about the specifics of how then the dream becomes a bit less dreamy?

Or have you noticed when you allow yourself to enjoy dreaming without working out the how that the dream feels much more intense and personal?

Comment below to let me know. :)

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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