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How Does Your Why Make You Feel?

It's been bloomin' hard to keep my head on straight these past few months. What about you?

Specifically, it's been hard to keep chugging along in business when all I want to do some days is dive head first, tea in hand, into a novel or binge watch a show for hours on end.

I'm sure you can relate... I love my business. I love what I do. I love how I do it. I love the people I work with. I absolutely and completely love it all - even the hard and uncomfortable bits. Yet, even with all that love flying around, it has been extra difficult to stay engaged lately.

It's like the typical entrepreneurial roller coaster got turned up to maximum the past two months. All the expected ups and downs have been a bit more up and a bit more down. Oy...

And because of that, I've been having to rely heavily on all the stuff I have in place to keep me going.

Routines that were sort of hit of miss before, I now have to make sure I'm doing them.

Resources that I had sitting in my back pocket, had to come out and get used everyday.

My mindset coach is being kept REALLY busy.

I'm going through all my thought-work exercises on a regular basis.

I'm reframing and journaling and meditating and yoga'ing and visualising and breathing like I'm possessed.

All in an attempt to stay more up than down. Is it the same for you??

Fortunately, doing all of that has helped. I feel pretty good most days. I feel like I've tackled the demons that we much more present last month and I feel invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Plus, there are some positives that I wasn't expecting.

I'm giving myself more time away from work. I'm taking days off during the week and it feels like such a luxury. I'm avoiding the socials more now (BIG WIN!). I've started new routines and added things into existing ones. I've found new things to love and completely tossed things that I didn't. My workflow has been streamlined and simplified.

Things feel so much more aligned now and I'm loving it.

There is, however, one thing that has helped me the most in keeping things together and moving along, and I want to share that with you today.

Even with all the tools and habits and routines and practices that I was working through each day to stay grounded, there was one that was the go point for me. Regardless of how I was feeling, what I was thinking, how the day was going, there was one thing for me that brought me through it all.

It was my Why, but more specifically, how I felt about my why.

Now, I know the idea of having a Why and staying connected to it isn't a new or revolutionary concept in the entrepreneurial world. Anyone that's been in business longer than three seconds knows that they need to link a Why to their goals in order to push through the times when motivation leaves us stranded.

However, there is a deeper element to that.

Having a reason why you're doing something isn't always enough.

Staying deeply connected to your reason isn't always enough.

There needs to be something more, for when things get completely flipped turned upside down.

And that *more* is feeling more intensely about your Why than what's trying to derail or stop you.

You have to feel more uplifting and motivational and determined and confident emotions when you think about your Why than you feel about what's in front of you.

The feelings you have when you think about your Why need to mean more to you than the feelings of being uncomfortable, or scared, or doubtful, or tired, or worried, or anxious, or embarrassed, or frustrated.

Whatever you're feeling in the moment needs to come second to the emotions generated when you think about your Why.

I have a few pretty big Whys that drive me, but the biggest one for me right now is that I want to send my boys out into their adult lives more prepared and equipped than I was. And what that means for me, is that they have the financial support and means to have more choices than I had when I was their age. I want them to have the start in life that I didn't have. And thinking of doing that for them gets me going each day and pushes me through all the blocks and barriers that inevitably come up.

It's the one Why that I know will motivate me to get my ass moving each and every day.

So I challenge you today to look deeper into your Why.

Really think about how you feel about it and if it's more powerful and intense than the feelings that typically stop you from moving forward and taking action.

If not, keep digging. It's there. We all have at least one really great Why, we just have to find it and connect to it so we can maximise the power of it.

And once you find it, you'll be able to push through the times when things are really freaking hard and when you really freaking don't want to do it.

I promise. 😌 😌 😌

Until next time,

With grace, grit, and gumption


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