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Listening to everyone but yourself

I've been in business for myself for +/- 12 years now and for many of those years I would put my trust in the advice and knowledge of others. While on the surface this seems like just good business, however what I found in this past year is that when I'm listening to others a few things are happening.

Let me know if you have noticed the same for yourself.

1) Listening to others became the norm - a habit. I conditioned myself to seeking information outside of my own knowledge/wisdom or researching it on my own.

2) When I would listen to others I stopped listening to myself. Even if something didn't 'feel' right. Even if something didn't sound like it was a good fit for me or something that I was comfortable (relative term for entrepreneurs, I know), I would do it anyway because someone else said it was the thing to do.

3) I had information overload. I was forever listening to podcasts, reading articles, attending webinars, joining in on Lives, participating in programmes. Oy... it was so much. And you know what would happen with all that stuff I just learned, I would take notes and never ever look at them again.

Needless to say, it was a mistake.

What I should have done instead, and what I finally learned to do for myself, is to listen in to myself first.

Ask myself the questions first and listen for the answer.

How do I feel about ...

What is the best way to go about ...

Should I do ...

Only once I get slow down, ask the question, get quiet, and listen to the answer do I proceed.

Giving myself the chance to take my own inspired or aligned action first.

Then, if I run up against road blocks I know exactly the help and support I need.

Do I need a coach? Do I need Google? Do I need an expert?

Not only does this new way of being build a trust and confidence in myself, plus builds the habit of listening to my inner wisdom and intuition, it helps me to nail down the exact support I need rather than blinding enrolling in or consuming this or that.

Being more in alignment and listening to yourself is a much more ease-filled way to go about life and business, wouldn't you say?

What about you? Have you ever found yourself taking in everything from everyone else all the time? Or have you found that listening to your intuition doesn't even factor into the equation?

Let me know in the comments

With grace, grit, and gumption

xo Michelle

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