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My Top New Habits from Lockdown

Lockdown means change - and a lot of it. And that change brings about a new way of living and experiencing time. It took a few weeks for things to settle down a bit here at MIHQ and to see how the flow of the house was going to be now that everyone was home 24/7. Once it did, some interesting new habits started.

Below are the new ones. I am LOVING them. Loving. Hopefully most of these will continue even after things open a bit more.

I didn't realise there were so many when I started out writing this. It very quickly turned into 10 fantastic new habits. Go me! Without further ado, here's my 10 new habits started since lockdown.

We'll start with my favourite...

- The most favourite thing that I started doing was meditating at dusk. That brilliant time of time when the bird song changes to the sounds of the evening insects. When you open your eyes after meditation and the sky has gone dark. It is beautiful.

- I wake up a bit earlier now and intentionally enjoy the comfort of my bed. I use the time to think through the craziness of any dreams, think about what I’m grateful for, work through what’s ahead for the day, and simply relax and slowly go from rest to action.

- I also started using this lovely scented body spray. I spray it in the air above me and when it falls on me I imagine it’s star dust replenishing what makes me awesome. It's a bit cheeky, but fun and it makes me giggle each morning. I've even done it on days that were a bit more - well, just more - and I hopped upstairs and sprayed more star dust on me.

- I updated my alarms on my phone to have terms of endearment or nicknames for myself. There’s lots of ‘Darling’ and ‘Lovely’ and ‘Mishka’ in there. It’s like getting beautiful texts from a dear friend throughout the day.

- I spend each morning with my future self. I ask her any questions that are in my mind, get some feedback and motivation, and generally get connected to her so that I can better embody her now. I went back through some of the 'chats' that we've had, and so often she finishes with, "You've got this! I am testament that you'll sort it all out."

- I also changed my work flow to better fit this new way of living. I used to have all my work in the mornings and then the boys schooling and other things in the afternoon. Now, however, I split my work blocks and start them later. I have two morning work blocks and two afternoon work blocks. It’s been great to have the break in the middle of the day and then also be able to escape to my office in the afternoon and have the time away from all the activity and focus on more work. Plus, having a few hours free in the middle of day is a treat. It feels like I'm taken the day off with having extended tea time and time for baking and cooking and hanging out with the boys. Everyone is so much less stressed with this schedule.

- I check the weather and arrange my days off based on whichever weather I want to enjoy the most. For me right now it’s cold, rainy days so I can read all day and drink tea nonstop. I imagine in a few weeks it will be the cool, sunny, windless days of late spring that I want to enjoy so I can go kayaking on the lake. Freedom was the thing that was biggest on my mind when I started my first business 12 years ago, and having the ability to do this little thing each week is proof that I've certainly added in elements of freedom into my life.

- I stopped scrolling as much because I noticed it makes me feel like shit. At first I stayed away more because the news was frightening. Then I wanted more news so I hopped back on. Then I wanted more curated information so I decluttered all my feeds. And now, well, I found that regardless of what I’m seeing and when, social media is a drain on my energy. So... I’ve started keeping my phone further away from me during the day. (It’s helpful that everyone is home so don’t need to worry with missing a call/text.)

- Stepping outside for a think, a chat, a tea, and some fresh air. My youngest and I take breaks outside on our front step for just a bit here and there. He needs a break from his screens and I need fresh air and the outdoors to function. It’s a win/win. Plus, I adore those moments with just the two of us.

- Nature sounds are my friend. When the birds outside aren’t singing away, I turn on Calm and play whatever nature scene strikes my fancy. In the evenings it’s the crickets (reminds me of my childhood), during the day I listen to either some birds at a lake or a calming beach. It’s been brilliant. Now if only they had a marina scene so I could hear the sound of the sail riggings... 😌

Because of all of these, I really feel better able to be the person I want to be each day - and that's really it, isn't it? Setting ourselves up to really step into who we want to be.

What's been new for you since lockdown started? Anything new, exciting, or surprising come up in your home? Let me know...

Until next time,

With grace, grit, and gumption

Michelle xo

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