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Quote: Peace of mind comes piece by piece

A wee story that came to mind when I read my teabag 'note of wisdom' this morning.

For years and years I felt confined and overwhelmed with it all.

I often thought that if I could just get to ... <insert whatever place I was obsessed with at the time>... then I would feel better.

That my mind would be more at ease.

That I would finally have some peace of mind + peace and quiet in my life.

So I travelled for years and years (along with my three sons) in search of this mythical place that would finally give me the peace that I was searching for.

Yet whenever I would get to THE place, I always felt the same once the initial rush of being somewhere new wore off.

Eventually, I realised that it wasn't a geographical place that I was searching for, it was a mental place.

** It wasn't a geographical place, it was a mental place. **

Mind blown!

It was all in my mind whether or not I was at peace and had the coveted peace and quiet that I was searching for.

Once I came to realise that, where I was located geographically on the planet didn't matter nearly as much.

Peace of mind really does come piece by piece.

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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