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The Best of High Performance and How You Can Adapt it for Your Life & Business

As you may know, my coaching expertise started as a high performance coach, and I bloomin' loved it.

If you read my post on Monday then you'll know why I transitioned away from that approach.

However, there are some really great tidbits that I've carried with me into my flow and thought work approach.

Here are a few of the high performance principles that I continue to do for myself and recommend to all my clients:

- One of the main principles of high performance is tracking your progress and setting intentions. It is a way to keep you focused on where you're going and why <-- that's the big one, and then assessing how you're doing with it. It is a wonderful general practice.

- Another is taking intentional and regular breaks each hour. I used to be very particular and firm with my 50/10 work blocks. I took a 10-minute break every single hour, no matter what I was working on. All my client calls were 50 minutes in length. It was a way of working for me and it worked out great. It was even something that I did with my homeschooling with the boys. 50-minute sprints and then an intentional break.

- Clearing your mind with intention is another great principle of high performance. It is used as a way to clarify your intentions so you're focused and ready and to get your energy primed for being at your best.

I still do these, albeit in a modified and less rigid manner.

I found that they are very helpful in keeping my creativity and inspiration flowing, yet in check (read: not getting distracted by shiny objects or letting my mind wander too far astray).

Plus they're great for me to see how things are coming along as it's easy when you're in flow to get caught up in the movement and then lose your way downstream, as it were.

Here is what I do now instead. Have a look and see if you think they would work for you, too.

- I set very broad benchmarks and goals, BUT only after I make sure they're my goals and benchmarks and not ones that I think I should be doing or ones that I am expected to do. The difference being that these are fully aligned and ones that I have decided I want to reach for myself. That distinction makes it all the more easier to work toward them without resentment or resistance.

More flow!

- I still take regular breaks, but I'm not tied to the 50/10 split because, let's be honest, sometimes when you're in the moment, time gets away from you. What I do always do is keep a full glass of water nearby and pay attention to my body when it tells me I'm tired, sore, stiff, need to take a break, etc. I don't allow myself to get lost fully in the flow, but I do ride the movement for as long as possible.

Staying in flow!

- Clearing my mind is still a big one for me as it is a requirement for getting into a flow and feeling creative and inspired, HOWEVER, I do it as the mood strikes and more regularly and not as part of a specified routine. I take long deep breaths throughout the day. I pop outside for fresh air. I check in with myself all the time to see what I need in the moment, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling. I fall asleep to meditations. Listen to calming background music. Shift my energy, chat with my Mastermind friends. Whatever I need to do get my mind clear so that the pipeline of my mind [read the full analogy here] is flowing freely.

Opening up to the flow!

So while I love and appreciate and see the value in taking a high performance approach and living a high performance lifestyle, I now choose to take what works from high performance and modify it in a way that is more natural and free flowing.

And that combination has been key to allowing a state of flow to be present more often yet not getting lost in the free-spirited'nes of it all.

If you'd like to find a way of being and working that works for you so that you're able to be in flow more often, then let me know. I'd love to chat with you to see how we can work together to make that happen for you.

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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