• Michelle Ireland

The Overwhelm of Overwhelm

If you're feeling overwhelm overwhelm - overwhelmed with all of the overwhelm that you're feeling - do these things:

1) Pause and breathe. Breathe deeply for a few moments to physically relax your body.

2) Relax the tension in your body. Pay attention to your shoulders, your neck, and your jaw especially. Also have a check on where you're placing your tongue. Forward and at the back of your teeth is not a natural position but where we tend to place (force) it when we're feeling stressed. Where you notice that you're holding tension, relax into it by taking intentional deep breaths and with each exhale imagine that you're exhaling stress and tension.

3) Grab a journal/paper and write down the thoughts in your mind. Every single one that is giving you stress or anxiety right now. Don't edit. These are your thoughts and looking at them as they are is the purpose of this step.

4) Review your thoughts and stresses and decide which of those are within your control and which are out of your control. Separate them out.

5) Everything that is outside your control, do your best to let it go. Try EFT, meditation, further journalling, chatting with a friend, etc. Whatever works for you to allow those thoughts to be released. These are the things that nothing you do will have any impact on the outcome, so try not to hold onto them.

6) The things that are in your control, take responsibility for them and accept that you're doing your best. This is a very tough situation filled with a lot of uncertainty - and even though as entrepreneurs we're used to a certain level of discomfort and risk, this is more. This is different. Acknowledge that you're doing your best, see if and where you can improve, and do what you can.

7) Forgive yourself for your thoughts and feelings. <--- Super important.

8) Rinse and repeat as needed.

And remember, overwhelm is the greatest killer of your dreams. When you're stuck in the muck you cannot see where you're going.

If you need help with this, let me know. I offer 1:1 options where we can get to the bottom of what has you feeling overwhelmed so you can get back to business.

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