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What to do when you're stuck in your head

Last week was a bit of a struggle for me - mentally speaking, that is. It was one of those weeks where keeping an eye on your thoughts is a full-time job. There weren't a lot of helpful or true thoughts swirling around in my mind, so it took massive amounts of effort to redirect, reframe, and release those. Oy... A lot.

I had to rely heavily on all the practices that I have in place to help me manage those sentences that are running free in my mind.

Below are the two that I use most often because they help me clearly see what's on my mind and move beyond them so that I can feel better and take action that is helpful rather than a hinder.

#1 - Thought download. - This one is especially helpful if the sentences in your mind are swirling constantly, and you know that you're feeling not at your best because of it, but don't really know what the problem is.

This can be done as a bit of an SOS or done as a daily practice.

So, grab a journal and write all the thoughts and sentences that are running on the loose in your mind. Free write them. 

Don't judge or edit. Simply write.

By writing your thoughts down, you're able to clearly see what the thoughts are behind how you're feeling and acting, and can also separate yourself from them so you can look at them critically to see if they're helpful, true, or valid. If not, it's a great opportunity to release those thoughts completely and replace them with better ones. 

BONUS: Do a thought download before bed and then tap tap tap on anything that came up. You'll sleep wonderfully.

#2 - Chat with your future self. - This one is AMAZING for calming doubts and easing stress and getting a clearer picture on what direction to take next.

Talking to your future self feels so wonderful because you're able to have honest and open chats with someone that completely understands you and knows your goals inside an out.

Now, I this one sounds a bit woo woo, but trust me, asking your future self questions is so liberating and calming.

There is no judgement and there is a bit of peace that comes from visualising yourself in the future.

I do this most mornings. I have a dedicated journal for this. I ask any questions that are on my mind and I get the clearest, bs-free responses. It's wonderful. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

And if you have anything that you do regularly that helps get you out of your head, let me know; I'm always on the lookout for new things to try.

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