• Michelle Ireland

Where I disagree with Gabby Bernstein

In Gabby Bernstein’s book, Super Attractor, she frequently discusses “distracting yourself from your negative thoughts” as a means to quickly get back into a space of “good-feeling thoughts.” 

And while it’s certainly nice to be experiencing those good feeling thoughts, there’s a few things wrong with using distraction as a means to move on from “negative thoughts.” 

Let’s start with the first one: Thoughts themselves are neither positive nor negative. They are simply sentences in our mind. They don’t have any meaning at all - positive or negative - until we assign meaning to them. Thoughts are neutral. So rather than entertaining ‘positive’ thoughts and avoiding ‘negative’ thoughts, the goal should be to look at the root of all thoughts as being neutral. 

Secondly, distracting yourself isn’t necessary. As mentioned, thoughts are neutral, so without meaning they are a string of words sewn together into a way that makes sense to us, i.e., sentences. So, without any meaning behind them, there is no need to distract ourselves from them. We can choose to hold on to them or let them go. No distraction necessary.

Additionally, distracting yourself from a thought is taking away your opportunity for awareness and growth. The thing with thoughts is that they’re often recurring. They allude to deeper beliefs. They illustrate patterns. They are - in a sense - a manifestation of our personal thinking. We need to be able to take a look at them and see what’s going on there and sometimes dig a bit deeper. Distracting yourself from them removes your ability to do that and stunts any growth that will come from releasing inner beliefs and deeper thoughts, and changing patterns. 

I'd love to know what you think and if you've ever found yourself trying to distract yourself from your own thinking.

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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