• Michelle Ireland

You don't have to think anything

You don’t have to think anything.

That is the most liberating thing I’ve learned recently.

In my work, I study a lot about the brain, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, psychology, mindset. You know... all the really great and interesting things.

And in my adventures in learning this week I came upon Syd Banks.

I've spent hours this week listening to his lectures on the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

And what I’ve learned - perhaps not in so many words - is that we don’t actually HAVE to think anything.

We can simply be present in the moment.

We can allow thoughts to come and go.

We don’t have to think anything at all, nor do we have to spend time with any thoughts that do come through.

And by practicing that this week, my mind has felt so much clearer and relaxed. My mood and energy has been more open. The world seems an easier place to be (even with all the tragedies happening).

Give it a try over the next couple of days. As you go about your day, pay attention to when you’re thinking lots of thoughts. Then simply ask, do I need to be thinking any of these thoughts or can I simply be present in the moment?

Then let me know how you get on. I’d love to see what your experience is.

With grace, grit, and gumption,

xo Michelle

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