Kick Resistance to the Curb

Get things sorted and back on track in just one call

Everything was going great until resistance showed up. And now you're procrastinating, avoiding, and doubting yourself (the trifecta of ugh...), meanwhile your task or project sits undone and keeping you that much further from being able to reap the rewards. 

Being stuck sucks. 

Let's get you sorted so you can get back to building the dream and serving your clients, ASAP. 

Is this you?


Everything was going great.


You had your task or project all mapped out. ​

You were excited to get working on it and looking forward to having it finished and seeing the results. 

You got started just as planned and for a bit things were moving along swimmingly. 

And then... BAM. 



Things suddenly didn't feel that great or exciting any more.


Working on it is now at the bottom of your to-do list everyday.


It's getting moved from one day to the next.


Even thinking about it now feels heavy and uncomfortable.

The problem is, you haven't a clue why. You've done all your usual mindset practices, journalling, tapping, and yoga. You've walked away. Let your mind rest by not thinking about it. 

But none of it is working.

You want to do it. You want the result. You want to see it come together. 

But something is stopping you. 

You know that if you don't get it sorted ASAP you're going to lose focus and momentum on it or you'll be carrying this heavy energy while trudging through it and the results are going to be less than great. Which serves no one.

And really, now is so not the time for this. This thing was leading to another thing and another, and all this avoidance and procrastination is super frustrating.

It's time to get this sorted
Carrie LaDue
Brandy Faven

Schedule a SOS Session so we can:

 - Clarify the goal and objective - so you're clear on what you're working toward and why it matters now

 - Take a close look at what's been going on - so you can move beyond it quickly

 - Find the source of the resistance - so you can address it head on immediately and know what to look for in future 

 - Put a plan in place so you can move forward today

Hiya! I'm Michelle.


I'm a thought coach and mentor for entrepreneurs who want to approach life and business in a way that feels more aligned and purposeful and brings them the ease, freedom, and success they dreamed of when they started their business. 


My clients often feel a bit frustrated that they aren't where they want to be in life yet don't want to subscribe to the hustle-mentality in order to get there. They know they're capable of so much more and the thought of never realising their potential is like a punch to the stomach.


In our work together we explore new ways of thinking that are 100% right for them and makes reaching their goals and dreams feel easier and more fulfilling. 

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