Made forMore


A 6-month mastermind for free-spirited

go-getters who are ready to embody their big vision and create a powerful legacy.

You're in love with your life.


Your days are blissful, you feel great, and have a thriving business that you absolutely adore.


You could go on like this for years and be perfectly happy.

But... you know you're made for more.


You dream of being paid to speak on stage, writing a bestselling book, being featured in major publications, making seven figures, or hosting sold out live events.

You dream of creating a legacy.


And when you see others really going for it, your happiness for them is always followed by that familiar twinge in your gut - the one that tells you that you know you're holding yourself back and you could be going for it, too.


But you're afraid...

 ...of being even more visible,

...or stepping out of your current comfort zone,

...or of finding out that maybe you're not enough after all.

So, you quickly push those niggling thoughts aside and get on with things.

Until one day you realise...

Your comfort and success is holding you back

Image by Annie Spratt

My comfort had become my crutch.

When I was younger I would swing for hours and I would stare at the clouds and dream of all the things I was going to do.


I was going to be an astronaut, an architect, a prima ballerina. 

And I was convinced that I could do it all. 

I was born with a fire in me. Just like you.

But one day I realised that I had let that fire fade to a spark. 

I had the house in the wonderful neighborhood. Three happy little boys. A new business with dream clients. 


Everything was great. Except... it wasn't, not really.

I was happy, but I knew deep down in my core, that I was leaving so much on the table.

I had so much more I wanted to do. I wanted the BIG life, the one I used to dream of. 

I knew that day I was done letting life pass me by.

 It's time to dust off those dreams

You're made for so much more 

Six months from now, you'll be...

Present & Accounted for: You're here for all of it now. Letting time pass you by is a thing of the past. 

A Focus & Flow Rockstar:  You're getting things done and taking names. You're all about the flow now. 

A Queen of Clarity: You know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and what that means for the bigger picture. Hello, dream maker!

One with the Force and the Force is with you: You know the power of your mind and your thoughts and you work those babies to your advantage.

100% You: You don't do all the things you used to think you needed to do in order to be all the things that you already are. #winning

“One of the saddest things in life is to get to the end and look back in regret, knowing that you could have been, done, and had so much more.
Robin Sharma


Made forMoreMastermind

A 6-month intimate mastermind experience for free-spirited entrepreneurs who are done with watching the years pass by and leaving their potential untapped and are ready to spark the fire within and embody their big vision for life and create a powerful legacy.

Investment starting at... 

£2288 or 6x monthly payments of £385
Image by Brooke Cagle

An intimate mastermind that opens you to the possibilities

In the Made for More Mastermind™ you'll be surrounded by the most uplifting fellow powerhouse entrepreneurs that are here to dream, expand, and challenge limiting beliefs to open up to the possibilities. 

We'll be creating an experience that fosters...

  • Expansion: Spread your wings and fly

  • Courage: Bravely step into your power 

  • Possibilities: Imagine more than you thought was ever possible

  • Community: Be seen and heard

  • Fulfillment: Live a big full life

  • Purpose: Feel that deep passion again​

  • Clarity: Know what you're working toward, why it matters, and how that impact the bigger picture​

  • Flow: Stop forcing and starting getting into your natural flow

It's time to stop messing about.

You’ve had this time, you’re enjoying some success, but now is the time to really make your legacy happen.

Working with Michelle was wonderful. 

Her coaching not only provided me with clarity and focus, she kept me accountable throughout.


I felt supported and loved the Voxer access.

Michelle knows high performance methods that can help you get shit done, but most importantly she'll listen and help you work through the mind trash you're holding on to.


Here's what you get...


  • A topic-focused call led by me so we can all expand our perspectives

  • An open coaching conversation to chat about anything on your mind in relation to the mastermind topics

  • A masterclass or guest expert session

  • A social get-together 


  • Open thread to share our wins and struggles and get congratulations and support

  • Co-working session because building a legacy doesn't happen by magic

  • Planning / Reviewing Session - Self-care for your business

  • Support and accountability from members


  • 1:1 50-minute private coaching

  • Private Voxer group for those times when you just need to talk it out

  • Personalised feedback and support from me

  • Group coaching support throughout the six months

  • Daily access to a private Made for More Mastermind™ community

Are you giddy with excitement?



It is so bloomin' amazing that you're here. It is wonderful to be in the company of fellow dreamers and legacy builders. 

I am a transformational thought coach here to show you how to sidestep all the stuff blocking your view of your awesome self.


Because when we can see the view for ourselves, we know just how much potential and possibility there is the world for us.

Michelle is patient and heartwarming with tremendous acknowledgment of your struggle.


She has such a calm and pleasant manner.

You will feel at ease with her and ready to move forward in your next step to success in your business. 


What we're masterminding

  • Opening up to our possibilities in life 

  • How to be present more often 

  • Understanding the nature of thoughts

  • Going deeper with our clarity

  • Trusting and being comfortable with what is 

  • Diving into experiencing  life from the inside out

  • Being aware of our thoughts

  • Slowing down our minds and being in flow,

EndlessPossibilities + LimitlessPotential

Flow Performance Method™ &

Power of You Process™


We'll be exploring my Flow Performance Method™ and my Power of You Process™ 


Because up-leveling all areas of your life should feel natural

Flow Performance Method™


The best of high performance habits mashed together with your natural flow and way of being to maximise productivity and get you amazing results without any of the force or hustle.

Power of You Process™

Connection | Clarity | Conversation | Courage | Committment

Where we explore how you can step into your true self with presence, power, and purpose.

This 6-Month Mastermind

is perfect for you if...

You're a...




You're a go-getter

You're 100% ready to really go for it, to go all in, and uncover the possibilities and potential in your life.

You're ready to learn and expand

You're here to learn more about yourself, grow both personally and professionally, and are open for new ways of doing things.

You're willing to be present and open

You're willing to be present and share openly and help create a space where being vulnerable doesn't feel so vulnerable.

You're compassionate and caring

You want to compassionately support everyone and build true and lasting relationships.

You're ready to uplevel

You're reaching for the stars and completely ready to see what the next level holds for you.

You're committed

You can commit your time and energy to this mastermind for the next 6 months.

Yes!This is exactly for me.

Knowing Michelle has changed my life. Literally.  


She has been such a positive influence in my life.


I have learned so much about myself and how to be successful as a business owner by working with her.


Thank you, Michelle, from the bottom of my heart.


Do you want to finally see what you're made of?

If I left you with any questions unanswered, I'm here for you. 

Send me an email at, message me on any of the socials, contact me here, or send me a note via Voxer.